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This is a directory of my various projects (robotics, interactive, comics, textiles, videos).

Todas las casas en que creci.
A series of portaits of every house I lived in for more than 4 months while growing up. 12-page comic/zine. 2023

A comic/zine about a girl painting her nails. 19-page comic/zine. 2023

¿Cuál es tu nombre?
A handdrawn zine for my mom, who watched me grow up. 18-page comic/zine. 2023

A comic about a young girl haunting a nuclear plant. 4-page comic. 2023

Recuerdos (Memories) -- Knitting Myself a Home (1)
Intimacy, memories and fresh goods, through the image of my grandmother's kitchen. Computerized machine knitting. 2022-2023

Pinturitas (Little Paintings)
Paintings for my Colombian home. Gouache on paper. 2022.

Rompecorazones (Heartbreaker)
A tale of love, hardship and heartbreak between a girl and her robot. Video, performance, code. 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) interface helping astronauts in navigation, geology and communication. Tested at NASA JSC. 2022.

My First ASMR
Video typology of visceral reactions to unusual auditory input. Video. 2022.

Homage to Toto La Momposina's Mojana. Video. 2022.

El violador eres tu (The Rapist Was You).
Feminist public performance processed into plotter-etchings and translated back into video work. 2022.

Coms't Thou
Completely generative plottable graphic novels created using generative text and image processing. 2021 - Present.

No hace mucho... (Not so long ago...)
web-scraped images of historial Colombia. 2021.

The Object
2-page graphic novel made easy via human-plotter interactions. 2021.

Liminal Spaces
Spaces created from diffusions via human-plotter interactions. 2021.

i thank the virgin
Machine-knit Marian Devotions. 2021.

Knit Automata
Machine-knit cellular automatons based off Conway's Game of Life. 2021.

Pixel Draw
Javascript app for phones to create Kare-esque icons! 2020.

Soli Landscapes
Camera web app that generates forests for Soli Sandbox. 2020.

Marimonda Mask
Hand-drawn BRFv4 Face Tracker. 2020.

Ten minutes in the 90's
Generative poetry in the form of a clock. 2020.

This Sick and Putrid World
A 20 minute film with 50+ illustrations about a boy
and his fish. 2020.

Agujeros negros y huecos en la arena
An 8-page, Spanish-language, semi-autobiographical
comic about clams. 2020.

Library of Babel
Home page for the worlds most ellusive artefact. 2020.

Video performance on culture. 2019-2020.

notes from the underground
Text-based existential adventure game in the
spirit of Dostoyevsky. 2019.

An 8-page comic about a girl and
her glass-blowing dad. 2018.

Digital grave for lost souls. 2018.

A treat. 2018.


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