A. B. Fominaya

My name is Angelica Bonilla (A. B.) Fominaya, I am an artist, engineer and aspiring scientist at Carnegie Mellon's BCSA Program. I am interested in human-computer interaction, robotics and immersive technologies. I am currently a research assistant at the Textiles Lab in Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute working on innovative knitting machines/interfaces. I interned at Google as a Software Engineering Intern last summer. Last year, I interned at NASA Langley Research Center, and I also led CMU's MoonBuddy Team in the NASA SUITS Challenge, which culminated in testing our interface physically at Johnson Space Center.

As an artist, I am interested in exploring different ways in which people can co-create with machines, specifically towards co-creation. I am greatly inspired by artists such as Sougwen Chung, Madeline Gannon, and the creative spaces in Plotter Twitter, who are exploring physical space as a method of collaborating with technology. As such, my recent work utilizes computerized machine knitting, plotters, and collaborative robot arms to address different elements of generativity and interaction.
As a Colombian woman, I am motivated to make artwork that uplifts the experiences of Latin American people, specifically addressing themes of culture, war, femicide, and mythologies. Thus, all of the work that I create with the purpose of exploring technology also serves as cultural explorations of these themes. Emerging technologies can often serve as metaphors for otherness, and I envision a future where technology isn’t explored solely through the lens of American mass production.
In my recent pieces, I have been inspired to explore robotic interactions and movement as a way of building dialogue with machines. Specifically, I’m interested in robots as creative collaborators, who can provide their own ideas and ingenuity to existing human crafts. Crafts inherently provide a space for culture, storytelling and relationships. I believe that art can be used, as any other medium, to convey complex cultural narratives that have the potential to change people’s perspectives. I work in a diverse set of mediums – I have created projects in AR, experimental video, robotics, machine knitting, generative art, and other spaces. I don’t consider myself someone who is motivated by the medium of the artwork itself, but rather the stories I want to tell, and the interactions/questions I want to provoke.

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