A. B. Fominaya

Angelica Bonilla (A. B.) Fominaya is an artist, engineer and researcher interested in human-computer interaction, robotic creativity and immersive technologies. Angelica is currently a research assistant at the Textiles Lab in Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute working on innovative knitting machines/interfaces. She also led CMU's MoonBuddy Team in the NASA SUITS Challenge, which culminated in physically testing their interface at NASA Johnson Space Center. Currently, she is looking for opportunities in the arts.

As an artist, she is interested in exploring different ways in which people can collaborate with machines, specifically towards co-creation. Her recent work utilizes computerized machine knitting, plotters, and collaborative robot arms to address different elements of generativity and interaction.

As a Colombian woman, she is motivated to make artwork that uplifts the experiences of Latin American people, specifically addressing themes of culture, war, femicide, and mythologies. She creates with the purpose of exploring interactions with technology as cultural exploration, as emerging technologies can often serve as metaphors for otherness. She envisions a future where technology isn't explored solely through the lens of American mass production.

In her recent pieces, she has been exploring robotic interactions and movement as a way of building dialogue with machines. Specifically, she is interested in robots as creative collaborators, who can provide their own ideas and ingenuity to existing human crafts. She believes that art can be used, as any other medium, to convey complex cultural narratives that have the potential to change people's perspectives. Angelica works in a diverse set of mediums: AR, experimental video, robotics, machine knitting, generative art, and other more traditional mediums.

About this site: This is a homemade website made with the intention of utilizing limited external resources. I could use React.JS or a template, I just choose not to.