a. b. fominaya
art projects

This is a directory of my traditional or video art projects (comics, sculptures, textiles, film/performances or illustrations).

El violador eres tu (The Rapist Was You).
Feminist public performance processed into plotter-etchings and translated back into video work. 2022.

Coms't Thou
Completely generative plottable graphic novels created using generative text and image processing. 2021 - Present.

No hace mucho... (Not so long ago...)
web-scraped images of historial Colombia. 2021.

The Object
2-page graphic graphic novel made easy via human-plotter interactions. 2021.

Liminal Spaces
Spaces created from diffusions via human-plotter interactions. 2021.

i thank the virgin
Machine-knit Marian Devotions. 2021.

Knit Automata
Machine-knit cellular automatons based off Conway's Game of Life. 2021.

This Sick and Putrid World
A 20 minute film with 50+ illustrations about a boy
and his fish. 2020.

Agujeros negros y huecos en la arena
An 8-page, Spanish-language, semi-autobiographical
comic about clams. 2020.

Video performance on culture. 2019-2020.

An 8-page comic about a girl and
her glass-blowing dad. 2018.


exit room